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Published by: Kenneth Vann on 12-Aug-22
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Myth Busting 6 Common Misconceptions about Worldprofit 


By Sandi Hunter


People all over the world have have embraced as the best place to start and grow and online business,  while others still need convincing.


We get it.


There are lots of misconceptions out there, it happens when you have been in business for over 27 years.


Here we bust some of the biggest myths about, so prospective Members can truly know what the experience is like.


Misconception #1: You can't be involved with or promote other Affiliate programs if you are a Worldprofit Member.


Reality:  As a Member of Worldprofit, you can promote your own affiliate programs and / or you can promote Worldprofit's web-based services to earn commissions for sales referrals.

Our Members trust our platform to provide hosting, unique software, advertising, training and support to help them earn in multiple ways with their own online business.


Misconception #2:  Worldprofit is a new company.


Reality:  Worldprofit was started on a kitchen table by Co-Founders, George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1993.

The company was incorporated many years before Amazon and Google even existed. 


Misconception #3:  Worldprofit's platform is complicated and only suitable for more experienced marketers. "


Reality: Worldprofit offers the most comprehensive collection of tools, services, software, training and support you will find anywhere.

We have Members who are brand new to affiliate marketing, and others who have been a round the block a few times.

New Members benefit from our specialized training and those with more experience, value our unique industry-specific software and expert fast support. Our training is popular because it is self-paced, so whatever your level of experience you can learn at a rate that is comfortable for you, and the best part? Worldprofit offers online video training, LIVE interactive participatory training every week, and online Support 7 Days a Week for when you need personalized assistance.  


Misconception #4: Worldprofit is strictly a "biz-op" company.


Reality: Worldprofit is a hosting company, and provides software as a service, along with premium advertising, expert training and friendly support.

Yes, you can earn commission by referring sales to Worldprofit but we are so much more. Our members can't even think about giving up their Membership they would lose so many essential tools they rely on for their own business needs. . 


Misconception #5:  The Monitors in Worldprofit's LIVE Business Center can see you, and are watching you.


Reality: The people in Worldprofit's 24 LIVE Business Center cannot see you. You can see them, you can chat, or ask questions for instant answers.

They are volunteers, real people helping people. Their role is to help you and direct you to the services offered at Worldprofit that best meet your business needs. 


Misconception #6  Worldprofit only pays commissions by Check. 


Reality:  We have members from all over the world, so we make it easy to get paid commission that is accepted in your country.

Commission earnings can be paid to you by PayPal, by Direct Deposit, EFT (Canadians), and yes, good old fashioned check if you prefer.  



Ready to join Worldprofit's home business community?


Start as a free Associate member, get to know us, see what you think.

Change your life by starting and growing your own online business, with the help of the experts at Worldprofit


Or share this with someone you know who would be interested in earning extra money from home using the trusted proven system available only at Worldprofit.



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