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this email may be of special importance if you file a tax form 
“Schedule-C” to claim tax deductions for your small-business expenses.

Many of you know or know of my friend, Dr. Ron Mueller, who is widely 
recognized as “the guru” when it comes to expertise in small and home-
based business tax deductions.  Ron’s books, free newsletter and email 
updates have saved tens of thousands of us a LOT of money in taxes.

I just got an “alert” from Dr. Mueller, telling me the IRS is about to launch 
a massive audit campaign targeted to small-business owners like us. 

He made three key points to me:

#1. They will be targeting home-business owners, with a special 
emphases on those that have recently reported a “business loss” on your 

#2. IRS is not expected to “announce” this campaign, because they
intend to use the “element of surprise” to help them succeed in collecting 
maximum revenue from this campaign.  Why the “element of surprise?”  If 
this “IRS attack” (as Ron calls it) takes you by surprise, you will have no 
chance learn in advance what it means or how you can protect yourself
and your hard-earned money.

#3. There ARE things you can do NOW that may get you off their
radar screen, or at the very least, make sure you are fully prepared to 
successfully defend all your business deductions if you are audited. 

Ron Mueller tells me this is serious, and he is not prone to exaggeration.

Seems like it comes down to this:

If you have accurate knowledge about exactly what is about to
happen, you can be fully prepared to protect your interests.

If you remain uninformed until you receive an audit notice, you’ll
be “pretty much be toast,” he says.

What to do now?

You already know you cannot rely on the IRS to give you any information
BUT, fortunately for us, we are invited to attend a free online web-briefing
which Ron has offered to repeat for us live three different times, to 
accommodate our sometimes-hectic schedules. 

On this web-briefing you will learn:

How to determine if you and your business are in their crosshairs; 

If you are, how can you try to get out of their crosshairs;

If can’t to that, how can you get fully prepared to defend your deductions
(things you are not allowed to do after you receive an audit notice)

Click below to watch the replay:

Personally, I don’t think any of us can afford to stay in the dark about this. 
And I don’t know anywhere else we can learn this.

I have already registered to attend, and I hope you will join me.

Howard Martell